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*** July 18th, 2023 *** 

If YOU are a True-Patriot who believes in preserving, protecting & defending the Pillars of American Democracy against the “Clear & Present Danger” that is Domestic-Terrorism & Violent-Extremism…
Then YOU can help CPSS “HOLD THE CENTER,” with YOUR generous Tax-Deductible Contribution to the Cause!

Future-Activities will include:

    • CPSS Policy-Forum Podcasts
      • Podcasts will be produced, covering a wide range of issues & topics (e.g. “George Washington - In His Own Words,” “Protecting the U.S. Federal Government from Insider Threats,” “Threats to our National Security: Domestic-Terrorism,” “Threats to our National Security: Cyber-Terrorism,” “Protecting our Energy, Water & Infrastructure.”)
    • CPSS Countering Violent-Extremism Program
      • Panel-Discussion Events will address the ever-increasing threat of Violent-Extremism, with the goal of creating Solutions that will lead to the mitigation of the Threat. These Events, conducted online or in-person, will include participation from other Advocacy Groups and the General Public.

  • CPSS is a TAX-EXEMPT CA 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation (Tax ID# 88-2459602).
  • CPSS is further classified as a “PUBLIC CHARITY," under IRC Section 501(c)(3).
  • ALL DONATIONS/CONTRIBUTIONS are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, under IRC Section 170, for income tax purposes.

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